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Zone 3

NE Windom


WCC Board Member Representative(s)

Becky McIntosh and Patricia Soulak  

Door-Knock Home Type

Single-Family Home: 99

Duplex/Townhome: 1

Multifamily Home: 0

Home Accessibility and Home Owner Response

Front Door Accessible and Greeted: 50

Front Door Not Accessible: 2

Front Door Accessible and Not Greeted: 51

Survey Question 1: 

What is a pressing concern on your block or in the Windom neighborhood?


Issue Themes Learned:

Traffic: 3

Speeding: 9

Safety/Theft/Crime: 13

Street Lighting: 3

More Police Presence: 2

None: 10

Survey Question 2:

Have you heard about the Windom Community Council before today?


Issue Themes Learned:

Yes: 18

No: 9

Kind Of: 4

Survey Question 3: 

What can the Windom Community Council do to help make Windom a better place to live?


Issue Themes Learned:

Garden Programming: 2

Home Improvement Programming: 1

Youth/Neighborhood Events: 6

Park for Toddlers: 3

Lower Property Taxes: 2

Coffee Shop: 3

More Diversity: 1

Dog Park: 3

None: 9

Survey Question 4:

Are you a Block Club Leader?


Issue Themes Learned:

Yes: 1

No: 34

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