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Welcome to our 2022 Alternative Garden Technical Consultation Program!

We are collaborating with Metro Blooms Design + Build to provide you with expert consultations and financial support for you new alternative garden project!!



We are accepting applications for 2022 Alternative Garden Technical Consultations. 


These consultations do not include or cover the garden installation and materials costs. 

Homeowners will be responsible for those costs. 


The fee is $25.00. 


Please download the Alternative Garden Technical Consultation information sheet below.


We advise you to read the Program Guidelines prior to Starting your Application to ensure a complete understanding of the program.

Click the PDF icon below to access the Program Guidelines.

Now that you have reviewed the  Program Guidelines, please follow the instructions below:

Start your Application Now


1. Apply Online using Google Forms

Once you complete the Google Form, please proceed to Payment Center.   


2. Download, print, complete and mail or email the application to: 

Windom Community Council

PO Box 19536

Minneapolis, MN 55419




You must pay online or mail a check,

for your application to be valid.


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