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Welcome~Bienvenido~Soo Dhawow
to your
2022 Windom Neighborhood Annual Meeting

THURSDAY, MAY 19, 2022, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM

Download the Agenda 



In-Person Elections


To vote or run for office, you must be present at the meeting.  

Eligibility for membership is defined below as any individual who is at least 18 years old and is:

  • A resident in the neighborhood; or,

  • An owner or business lessee of real estate property in the neighborhood; or,

  • The designated representative of a nonprofit, educational organization in the neighborhood.


Windom Members planning to vote, must show proof of membership.  


Please bring a photo ID or a bill (utility, phone etc.) that verifies your full name and home address.


New Board Members will be seated at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting on June 9th.  




Dear Windom Resident,

You are needed as a Board member!   Please consider serving on our Board.  Individuals from diverse backgrounds are highly encouraged to run.

We have 5 [two-year term] Board seats up for election at this time and are accepting applicants for the ballot. Two of the five seats are incumbent candidates who wish to return to serve.

Per WCC’s By-Laws [day-of election] nominations will be allowed.  Day-of nominees must also present a candidate statement.

You must attend the meeting for your nomination and candidacy to be valid.  If you require special accommodations, please email your request to or call (856) 494-6366 and leave a message. 


We encourage you to learn, as much as you can, about serving on our Board.   

NOTE:  Due to WCC’s new neighborhood engagement contract requirements with the City of Minneapolis, Board members will spend a minimum of 10 volunteer hours per month serving the Windom neighborhood.  Additional hours may be required serving on committees and assisting with planning and implementing various events.  

We offer two easy ways learn about serving WCC as a Board member below:

Download the Board Director Job Description

To learn more about our Board of Directors go to: 

NOTE:  Windom Member voting (in-person or electronic) will occur the day of the election.   WCC has up to 30 days to verify the validity of electronic votes. Only Windom community members (18 years or older), as defined by the WCC By-laws, are eligible to vote.

Thank you! We look forward to your presence at the 2022 WCC Annual Board Meeting.

Sincerely Your,

Windom Community Council 

Board of Directors

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