2021 Windom CPP Plan Modification Programs

Windom Neighborhood Plan Modification 

Review, Feedback and Voting Instructions

Welcome Windom Resident,

Below are 3 separate NEW project proposals in response to what you communicated as 3 important priorities (Safety, Environment, Outreach) in our 2020 Windom Community Survey. (upload survey results here).


Please Review each of the 3 Plan Modification Programs by clicking on each bulleted proposals below.

Per Minneapolis City rules, the Plan Modifications are now open for public vote and comment for 21 days via Google Forms at https://forms.gle/bjfyXkeuAeYyahfb8

Your community feedback will be collected and presented for the WCC Board’s consideration in advance of an anticipated final vote on the programs at the next WCC meeting on April 8, 2021 from 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM.


With your support, we look forward to implementing these programs, in short order, this year.

Thank you! 


Today, with the general increase in crime in Minneapolis, and in Windom, and with the changes occurring with Neighborhoods 2020 and opportunities for plan modifications, the Board would like to implement a home security rebate program. The rebate program would make available up to $500 per property to help safeguard Windom residents for both home and rental properties.  Program is contingent on availability of funds.  


Another of the highest rated priorities that came out of our Windom neighborhood survey were preservation and advancement of energy/environment and greenspaces. The Windom neighborhood has a mix of both residential, commercial, and industrial areas with limited water runoff infrastructure.  WCC would like to focus on strategies that are environmentally sustainable and manage water runoff as we are within the Minnehaha Creek Watershed district.  WCC would partner with Metro Blooms and other community organizations/businesses to provide rain gardens and boulevard bioswales. Program is contingent on availability of funds.  



Roughly 35% of our housing units in Windom are renter occupied.  Windom houses several apartment complexes, duplexes, and townhomes.  Roughly 30% of our Windom neighborhood population are people of color.  The majority live in renter occupied housing in the neighborhood.  We have identified several renter-occupied complexes that house a significant number of individuals from the Latino(a)/Latinx, East African (Somali) and American Indian communities.  The Board would like to implement a targeted Renter Survey to learn more about the needs of our renter residents to develop and implement appropriate outreach and engagement programing to help meet those needs. 

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